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Our Vision

“Our vision is to develop knowledge pool in India for Data Science & Lean Six Sigma through coaching ,internship,consultancy & project services”

Our Mission

  • To promote use of Data Science tools in the businesses for better decision making
  • To become  most trusted certification & research driven training brand in India for Data Science & Six Sigma
  • To enable world-class coaching for engineering students for their career development

Few Words About StellareCamp

“We’re creative organisation that loves to coach, train, collaborate & enhance data science knowledge pool in India !!!”

Team StellareCamp


“Stellare” meaning like a star, outstanding, better than everything else

“Camp” meaning an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose

That’s why our place  is “StellareCamp”

We’re training and consultancy provider and aspiring to be the most trusted brand for Data Science, Six Sigma, NLP, Digital Manufacturing and Product Design upskilling in India. We are based out of Hyderabad (“Cyberabad”) India, the most happening city and technology hub in India.

We are aware that still many engineering students, professionals and start-ups find it more difficult to acquire latest technology skillsets with good quality curriculum and at affordable cost. Also there are very less opportunities for students to get internship on digital projects.

On the other side many organisations are suffering from lack of right skilled workforce to manage huge demand of digital era project tasks.

We sincerely aim to bridge this gap by creating new way of “Peer Learning Training Formula” that ensures right upskilling of individuals and helps organisations to achieve their goals in this new digital world.

We are eager to hear from you. Join us…email us…call us….Connect with us !!!!

And Yes ….We Just Love Hyderabad 🙂

Working Hrs :   Monday-Saturday  9.00 am to 6.00 pm     Sunday is open for appointments

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